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re: App: XatenXen

The application submitted by XatenXen is as follows:

Name : Floydan
Game : Lord of the Rings Online
Server : Dwarrowdelf
Level : 95
Gender : N/A
Race : Race of Man
Class : Guardian

What is your Main Character?:

Do you have any other characters? If yes, please list them.:
Ewoka, Zeri, Promicuous, Slikk, Floydiel

What kind of account do you have?:

Do you have any raiding experience, and if so, what have you run?:
Yea I usually lead raids daily, everything

What raiding content do you have access to?:

What timezone do you live in and what would be your ideal schedule (using server time - east coast US) for running instances/raids with us?:

Do you have, or are you willing to download, Teamspeak3?:

Do you have a mic? Do you use it, and if so, how often?:
Yes, i use it everytime i raid, unless its broken

Tell us about why you chose Reforged.:
Because i have friends there and would like a more raid oriented kinship

Tell us about yourself.:
I have lead every raid successfully before on t2c except for ivar t2c, bfe t2c and flight t2c. I've been playing since the moria free trial days. I love to lead raids and i often do a few per week in fusion channel, I'm extremely lazy at leveling alts, so my guard is pretty much the only toon i play on. I enjoy lotro although i'm not to fond of helms deep at the moment.

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Don't Know
Monday -> Don't Know
Tuesday -> Don't Know
Wednesday -> Don't Know
Thursday -> Don't Know
Friday -> Don't Know
Saturday -> Don't Know

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